As per the updated lockdown rules in Maharashtra, students taking exams have been allowed to travel. Check out the complete list of rules below.

As Maharashtra continues to fight the rising cases of Coronavirus, the state once again came up with some fresh guidelines on Wednesday. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has released a new set of rules for housing societies, home deliveries, etc. Here’s a complete list of lockdown rules in Maharashtra as of now.


Rules for housing societies:

1. The buildings with more than five Coronavirus cases will be sealed. The entry and exit will be allowed only in the case of COVID testing, medical emergencies, and board exams.
2. The building will have to seal the flats which have positive cases.
3. Police officials will be present outside every sealed building.
4. Deliveries needed to be put in the society offices only.

What is allowed?

1. Students or candidates taking exams can travel with the Hall tickets along with a guardian.
2. Home delivery of food and essential supplies (e-commerce) from online providers will be allowed on all days 24×7.
3. During the weekend lockdown, roadside food, and fruit stalls can only provide parcels and takeaways.
4. Maids, cooks, drivers, and medical attendees are allowed to provide services to senior citizens and ailing people at home. They can extend their services between 7 am to 10 pm on all days.
5. Eye clinics and optician shops can be open before 8 pm.
6. Manufacturing sector and construction activities can function with covid protocols.
7. Banks, stock market, insurance, telecom, electricity, water services, agriculture, and transportation of commodities are allowed.
8. Restaurants inside the hotels can only serve food to the guests staying on the premises.
9. Public and private transport can function. Only 2 passengers to be present in auto rikshaws and taxis to run with 50% of the vehicle’s capacity.
10. Shootings for films and TV to continue with social distancing norms.
11. Flights and trains to operate with no restrictions.
12. Groceries, vegetable shops, dairies, bakeries, and confectioneries to function normally.
13. Shops providing essential services within malls are allowed.
14. Government offices to function with 50% capacity.

What is not allowed?

1. No more than five people can assemble at one place.
2. During weekdays, no one is allowed to move out between 8 pm to 7 am without any valid reason.
3. During weekend lockdown, between Friday night to Monday Monday morning, no one to move out without any valid reason or essential services. This will not apply to medical staff.
4. Colleges and schools to be closed except for Class 10 and Class 12 exams.
5. Parks and beaches to be completely closed from 8 pm to 7 am.
6. All types of shops, malls, markets, salons, and spas not to be open till April 30.
7. Cinemas, multiplexes, theatres, swimming pools, sports complex and auditoriums to be closed.
8. All religious places will remain closed.
9. Restaurants, bars, and pubs to be completely shut with just home deliveries allowed.
10. No standing in the buses allowed.
11. Political rallies are banned.

Other rules:

1. Private offices have been asked to follow the Work-From-Home model.
2. Shops that are closed presently need to get their employees vaccinated.
3. Shops to put a transparent shield between the shop personnel and customers.
4. All home delivery people need to get the vaccine at the earliest. Till the time they get the vaccine, they need to carry a negative Covid report, valid for up to 15 days.
5. All persons in public transport to wear masks or to pay a fine of Rs 500.
6. The taxi driver will also have to pay the fine if any passenger inside the taxi is not wearing a mask.
7. Drivers to sanitize the vehicles after every trip.
8. All public transport drivers to get the vaccine at the earliest. They need to carry a Covid negative report, valid up to 15 days of the vaccination has not been taken.
9. Drivers to isolate themselves with a plastic sheet from the passengers.
10. Railway authorities to make sure there are no standing passengers in the general compartments.

Lockdown rules in Maharashtra had begun with the government imposing night curfew from Monday to Friday between 8 pm to 7 am. However, the weekend lockdown had been imposed in the state from Friday night to Monday morning.

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