Watch sun getting down from sky to water at Vandri lake situated in Virar, near Mumbai!

Who will not like to sit and spend time in between the lush green forests drenched with water! This is why you should visit Vandri lake in Virar, near Mumbai. Check out this secret place below!

Do you always sit with your phone searching for the “best place to visit in Monson near Mumbai”? This happens because probably you have not heard about the Vandri lake near Mumbai.


Situated at Virar, this lake is a gem to spend some time, especially when it rains in Mumbai and nearby areas. It is surrounded by dense forest working as an add-on to its beauty.

The lake is a one-day picnic spot for people living in the nearby areas. From locals and bikers to cyclists, all these fun-loving people can be seen at the lake living their best time watching sunsets here.

You can find local fishermen here waiting for the fish to be hooked but the activity is not permissible for anyone. Apart from the serene lake, this area also has three major attractions which one should never forget to visit.


The first and the most beautiful is the Dam and the waterfall which becomes worth seeing during the monsoon. Even if the height of the waterfall is not much, the scene is what you should not miss there at any cost.

The dam is circled with greenery where you can find locals enjoying bathing under the waterfall. You can also find a small shop for Vada pav, Bhajiyas, and Tea. Imagine sipping chai amidst lush green forests!

How you reach this dam is another beautiful attraction as it is a walkway to the waterfall. This gives a feeling that you are walking on the small lake present beside the walkway through which you reach the top to see the waterfall.

However, you will be more excited to visit the third best place here which is the Madpan view point. This is just a few minutes away from the lake from where you get to see the best of nature.


Madpan viewpoint is a small hilly slope surrounded by tree shades and the sound of birds chirping everywhere. You can just park your vehicle here to have some time for yourself as this is a peaceful spot. The viewpoint also attracts a lot of filmmakers, photographers, cinematographers who come here to have their perfect shot in the lap of nature.

In a nutshell, be it the lake, the dam or the viewpoint, watching sunsets and sunrise is the most precious activity you should come here for!

How to reach: Take a local train from the western line to reach Virar station. Take an auto to reach the lake, which is almost 38 km from the station.
Where: Lake, Maharashtra

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