From gold barfi to gold biryani, to gold energy bars, to much more, Cloud kitchen in Jodhpur is offering a golden delight with their special 24-karat menu, and more!

Unless you were living under a rock, you must have heard of Dubai’s popular 23-karat gold Biryani, but did you know a catering service in Jodhpur is also selling 24 karats Biryani, and not just that, they have a proper menu packed with other such golden food items.


Cloud Kitchen is a catering service under the brand ‘Kabuleewala’ and is serving a 24 karat Kabulee Biryani, along with 24-karat kheer, gold power balls, gold barfi, and even gold laddus. This catering service is making sure that the people in Jodhpur are enjoying a lavish, and golden dinner.

Following the traditional kabulee recipe, their gold kabulee biryani has 3 layers. The first one comes with the kabulee rice, the second layer has the spicy, rich gravy, and the third layer again consists of kabulee rice. The vegetable gravy is loaded with vegetables, nuts, and fruits. This three-layered biryani is topped with pure 24 karat gold flakes. It comes in a traditional clay pot, and looks all shiny, and rich!


This gold biryani is available in small, and large portions, and will be great for a celebration. Since Cloud Kitchen is a catering service, you can order it online by visiting their website or place your order by calling on the following number.

Order here.
Rs.250 for the small portion / Rs.1020 for the large portion

P.S: Place your order a day before. Happy eating!

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