This 2.5 feet Gola in Mumbai is a tall affair, and looks totally Instagrammazing!

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This 2.5 feet Gola in Mumbai is a tall affair, and looks totally Instagrammazing!

Chuski lete reh jaoge! This 2.5 feet long Gola in Juhu is tall, juicy, and weighs almost 2 kgs! Can you finish it alone?

Sucking on Golas during summers has always been pure bliss. We have spent our childhood with this chilled sweet, and it would be a part of every celebration back then. Be it the last day of the exam, or someone's birthday, be it "bohot garmi lag rahi hai yaar', or it's too cold, Golas have always been an essential part of our fun memories. We all have our personal favourites, but irrespective of what you love, you must have not heard about this 2.5 feet tall Gola!



Located in Juhu Chowpatty, Milan Kala Khatta is a small gola shop, and just like other shops in the area, it serves different types of golas. But, unlike these shops, this one is selling a 2.5 feet long gola, and we are not kidding you all!

Four different flavours!

This tall gola is a mix of 4 different flavours namely rose, lemon, orange, mango, and pineapple. The making of this gola is fun to watch. The vendor collects the shredded ice in a glass, gives this ice the regular gola shape (like how it is traditionally made), and then adds a handful of shredded ice into the glass again. After this, he puts the gola inside the glass and presses it hard, which gives the shredded ice the shape of another ice-gola while gripping it with the first one. The vendor repeats this procedure until the ice-gola is 2.5 feet tall.

After this, the vendor then shaves the ice-gola and makes it smoother. He then adds lime juice and pours all four flavours one by one. Lastly, a special masala is applied to this ice-gola with the help of a spoon. And, my friends, the final look of this 2.5 feet gola is all colourful, bright, and tall!


This shop is pretty old and is serving its flavourful ice-golas for 59 years. Other than this tall one, you can satiate quench your thirst with the classic flavours like orange, rose, pineapple, kala khatta, kacchi kairi, or order something from their milkmaid menu which includes flavours like blueberry, mango, and orange! They also have fun flavours such black current, rich chocolate, Thumbs Up, and more. If you are a gola fan, head to Juhu, enjoy the sun, and suck on the tallest ice-golas in the country!

Where: Milan Kala Khatta, 73, Juhu Beach, Theosophical Housing Colony, Juhu, Mumbai

When: 8 am to 11.30 pm

Price: Rs.150

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