Delhites, are you ready to bite on this massive momo?

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Delhites, are you ready to bite on this massive momo?

This massive momo is equal to a size of a burger and comes in both veg., and non-veg filling. If you are someone who is always up for a plate of momos, then this streetfood joint in Delhi is waiting for you to come, and bite on their huge momo.

If 'Bhaiya momos ki plate bana de yaar' is your catchphrase, and if you eat momos in one bite, we have something huge for you. Eating this massive momo in one bite is impossible, as it is the biggest momo in the town, and looks fabulous.

Tucked away in the lane of Patel Nagar, 'Indie Momos' is a casual diner serving Indochinese staples, drool-worthy momos, and other tandoori dishes. Though their menu has some fantastic names, the one to catch our attention is their biggest momo. This massive momo is enough for one person and has a lip-smacking filling. The non-veg variant of this momo has more than 300 gms of chicken, which is well cooked with veggies, and other masalas. The outer covering of maida is thin and is perfectly chewy.

This massive momo is served with 4 different types of chutneys and is garnished with a lot of oregano. The veg variant of the same has paneer filling and gives an equal takkar to the chicken one. Indie Momos are claiming that this is the biggest momo in the town, and we think they are right because even we are hearing about it for the first time.


Other than this epic momo, people are in love with their momo platter. This platter comes with 8 different types of momos, including unique names like cocktail momos. This cocktail momo is tossed in various sauces, and so they have named it like this. For all the cheese lovers, they have a cheese burst momo. While for those who have a sweet tooth, they can pick anything from their dessert momo section. You can also bite on their Chinese platter which comes with rice, noodles, momos, spring rolls, and coke. The platters will cost you Rs.290 and are enough for two people.

This small food joint is perfect for a casual meal with your friends. If your gang is also momo crazy, then this place is going to be your next go-to spot for some spicy, massive momo bites, and more.

We are totally in love with this huge momo, what about you Delhites? Comment section me batao!!

Where: Patel Nagar West, Delhi

4 pm to 12 am


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