Meet Vandana Goenka, a make-up artist who is acing celebrity-inspired looks!

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Meet Vandana Goenka, a make-up artist who is acing celebrity-inspired looks!

Vandana Goenka is a travel, fashion, and beauty blogger. Her Instagram is fun to scroll, but what caught our attention the most is her celebrity-inspired looks. She has re-created many looks of these celebs, including Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, and Nora Fatehi. 

If you are looking for some style, and make-up inspiration, then check Vandana Goenka on her Instagram, and give yourself a celebrity make-over, because her celebrity-inspired looks are on point.

Look as fab as PC, or your favourite celebrity!

Vandana Goenka calls herself a make-up lover. She can kill your basic night party, or a casual day looks into something glamorous. " Honestly speaking I am not a professional make-up artist but I am a huge makeup lover. My recent brand collaboration with My Glamm inspired me to try these celebrity' make-up looks, and I am loving it. "

Everything great takes time, and so these celebrity-inspired looks. " When I work on a celeb-inspired look it takes a lot of effort and time to match to the celebrity level. It also depends on what kind of look are you trying on. It usually takes me at least an hour or so, but it can go beyond that if something goes wrong in between."


Though Vandana has tried many looks, her favourite among all is Priyank Chopra. " I am a huge fan of nude makeup. I had a great time working on this look on the occasion of International Women’s day. People loved it, and I enjoyed it!

Talking about the makeup techniques, and skills she said, " Every make-up artist should know the proper blending of make-up. One should have proper knowledge of the products they are using. Also, it is very important to know what goes well with a particular skin type. Knowing these things can change the game."


Vandana is a sucker for vintage makeup looks. "I am obsessed with winged eyeliner, and I love the power, and drama it adds to your face. It's one of those things, that will always work. Though it requires a lot of practice to get to the right angle, but once you have got it, you never forget it. For those of you who are struggling with it, I have a trick for them. Use a spoon, place it on your outer eye corner in such a way, that you get a proper angle, and then apply the eye-liner. It will help a lot"

Vandana is a huge supporter of #VocalforLocal. Her favourite homegrown brands are Kama Ayurveda, Lakme, Colour bar, Just Herbs, Aroma magic. "They have a very good quality, and I think we should support such brands so that more organic products can be made."

Talking about the makeup essentials, she pressed on keeping a good quality foundation, lip colour, eyeliner, highlighter, and mascara. "These 5 products will help you get any look in no time. Have an urgent meeting? Apply the mascara, wear the lip tint, and put on some highlighter, You are ready. Going to a party? Apply foundation, wear the lipstick, go for the winged liner, and shower in the highlighter. You are camera ready!"


A casual makeup look that is perfect for brunch, or lunch, or fun feat. Vandana Goenka

For a casual meet up I will suggest you never go over the board. Keep it simple. Firstly apply a thin layer of foundation, with a matching eyeshadow. After that go for a simple winged eyeliner (Don't make it too dramatic by filling in a lot of product, also pick a matte one). Finally, brush your eyes with a single layer of mascara. Use lip tints on your lips, and cheeks and look you are all set to leave.

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