India’s first forest healing centre has been opened in Uttarakhand to provide activities like forest walking, tree-hugging, forest meditation, and sky-gazing! Learn more about it here!

Everyone has their way to heal from things. However, the process of healing becomes even more comforting when it happens in the lap of mother nature. This is now possible as India has got its first forest healing centre in Uttarakhand.


Situated at Ranikhet in Kalika, the centre was inaugurated on March 7. It has been opened by the Research Wing of Uttarakhand Forest Department only after a detailed study on the healing properties of the forests. The department also ensured its impact on health and well-being before developing such space.

The centre has been inspired by the Japanese technique of forest bathing (shinrin-yoku). The ancient Indian tradition with the theme, “Be silent, go slow, think less, and feel more” is also the major source of inspiration behind it.

Activities Inside!


Spread in an area of 13 acres, the centre offers many activities like forest walking and tree-hugging! Yes, even tree-hugging helps you rejuvenate. Due to the typical molecular vibration patterns of trees, it impacts the increase in the level of feel-good hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine.

The centre also offers another important activity which is forest meditation. Unlike the traditional meditation process, herein, one has to immerse oneself in the silence and ambience of the forest.


In addition to the above, one can involve here in another activity – sky gazing. Looking at the swaying canopy above and the ever-changing sky is what one requires to do here. This activity helps in providing relaxation through such a view.

For the same purpose, the centre has put various self-explanatory boards which explain all four activities. One can go to the tree platforms created for forest medication and sky-gazing exercise. It also has a register in which visitors can share their experiences.

The boards also tell people to leave behind their phones, cameras and avoid talking.

It’s time for you to breathe peace!

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