The 10-year-old, Odisha kid rewrote Ramayana after he was asked to watch the TV series during the lockdown. Read below how he did it!

Even though the world faced one of the most deadly humanitarian crisis due to Coronavuris and the lockdown imposed due to it, many individuals saw it as an opportunity to be creative. One such creative mind is a 10-year-old from Bhubaneswar. This kid rewrote Ramayana during this time.


Ayush Kumar Khuntia utilised his time in the lockdown to watch the Hindi epic on television and wrote it again. He used his mother tongue, ‘Odia’ to re-write Ramayana.

Ayush has given the name ‘Pilaka Ramayana’ (Ramayana for children) which has 104 pages in total.

Throwback to how this kid rewrote Ramayana

The kid had started watching Ramayana on television in March as his uncle had asked to do so. His uncle had also asked him to write something on it. After that, he started watching the episodes of Ramayana which was being telecasted on the DD channel during that time.

However, he did not only watch it but also started writing each episode in Odia in his notebook. After two months, he was ready with the full book.

Now, this is what we can a laborious child!

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