UP couple donates blood on their wedding day, netizens appreciate them!

As the UP couple donates blood on their wedding day and saved the life of a girl, social media users started pouring love and blessings on the couple.

If you are looking for one of the best things trending on Twitter, you must know about what is winning the hearts of Twitterati. Recently, the news of “UP couple donates blood on their wedding day” surfaced online where the couple could be seen in their wedding attire.


Knowing that a girl’s life is in danger and there’s a requirement for blood, the groom and the bride came ahead to save the girl’s life by donating blood.

Cop shared, “UP couple donates blood” on Twitter

This joyous news was shared by UP cop Ashish Kr Mishra on Twitter.

He wrote, “Mera Bharat Mahan,” while sharing the image of the newlywed couple. He also mentioned in the caption that people were not coming to donate blood because “she was someone else’s daughter”.

As part of the UP police initiative, ‘Mitra’, police officials aims to encourage youth for donating blood and also connects donors with the beneficiaries.

Right after Mr. Mishra shared the news, Netizens reshared the image while applauding the move by the couple in their words.

We are thinking, can there be any heartwarming way to celebrate the wedding than this!

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