Mumbaikars will now have to pay higher fares as the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) has increased fares in Mumbai for auto-rickshaws, and Kaali Peeli taxis from Rs.18 to Rs.21, and Rs.22 to Rs.25 respectively.

In a meeting held on Monday, MMRTA gave approval for increasing the fares of autos, and kaali Peeli taxis. The minimum fare of the mentioned vehicles has been hiked by Rs.3 and is going to be a hassle for Mumbaikars, especially when the city is battling with the increased numbers of Covid cases. The fares have increased in Mumbai for essential transport vehicles and can be a problem.


Though the dates of the implementation have not been made clear yet. The minimum fare of auto-rickshaws and taxis in the city has increased. It was an old proposal that has got approval,” said a senior Regional Transport Official (RTO), while talking to a publisher.

The fuel prices in the city have risen too. The price of petrol has reached Rs.97 per litre. While the diesel is being sold at Rs.88 per litre.

For the last few weeks, our country has been fighting with the increase in COVID cases, petrol price, and many other issues. In a situation like this, increasing taxi, and auto fares can cause a lot of trouble to the commuters.

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