A crocodile was seen in Navi Mumbai for two days!

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A crocodile was seen in Navi Mumbai for two days!

In a video shot by a local fisherman, a crocodile was spotted resting on the mushy pond area behind the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC).

The Powai and Vihar lake regions of Mumbai usually are the places that are accidental homes to crocodiles, but it was rare for the Mumbaikars to spot a crocodile in Navi Mumbai this time. A local fisherman named Nagesh Patil spotted it behind the NMMC office and recorded a video. Nagesh lives in the Belapur area of Navi Mumbai. This video has gone viral on the internet and has left many people in shock.

Nagesh requested the officials to relocate the crocodile to a safer zone, as the presence of such an animal can be risky. The visual evidence has been sent to the forest officials, said Nagesh. For two days, the crocodile was seen in this area of the Seawoods creek.

The Honorary wildlife warden of the state forest department said that the crocodile seems to survive because of the presence of fishes and crabs in the lake. The crocodile may have entered this area during the heavy rains during the high tide. It's also possible that the miscreants may have left it in there.

Be it any of the above-mentioned reasons, relocating this animal is important. This is not the first time that we're hearing such news about Navi Mumbai. In 2016 also, in a residential area of Juinagar, a similar incident had occured. The crocodile was 8 to 9 feet long and had caused worry to the local people.

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