Popularly known as ‘jaleba’, this jalebi is made with pure ghee, and weighs 1 kg!

‘Jalebi’ is one of those sweets which has always been adored for its juicy, and sticky taste. This deep-dried sweet is a favourite because of multiple reasons. Be it the ‘not-so-seedha’ shape of jalebi, or its bright orange colour, jalebis are beloved to every sweet lover. Your regular jalebi looks cute, but have you ever heard of 1 Kg Jalebi? 


This 1 kg jalebi aka the Jaleba is a must-try if you are in Indore. A local shop in the Sarafa market sells this giant jalebi and is cooked in pure desi ghee. The thick maida batter is deep-fried until the jalebi becomes crispy. After which this orange monster is kept in a huge Kadhai filled with chaashni (Sugar syrup) for a while. The jalebi then sucks up the sweet syrup and becomes all sugary for an epic bite.


One can eat this whole darn 1kg jalebi right after it is served on a paper plate or can enjoy it with warm Rabri. Though the jalebi is thick, it still has a fine crisp and tastes heavenly when the perfectly sweet sugar syrup oozes out of it.

Jay Bhole Jalebi Bhandar also serves some epic Malpua and Rabri combo. This place is running since 1988 and is quite popular among the local people. If you are anywhere in Indore, head to this place, satiate your jalebi cravings with this 1kg jalebi, and experience a true sugar rush!

Where: Jay Bhole Jalebi Bhandar, Sarafa market, Indore
8.30 am – 2 am
Price: Rs.500

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