Currently, all-woman Garuda commandos are receiving training at Bengaluru’s Centre for Counter-Terrorism.

Every single day, women of India are proving that they are no less strong than men. One such instance is visible in Karnataka where the all-woman Garuda team is getting training to carry out anti-terror operations. A total of 16 young women are going through rigorous training to become the first batch of all-woman Garuda commandos of Karnataka police.


The women, who are being trained, mostly belong to rural parts of Karnataka. They are learning to shoot and improve weapon handling skills. They are also receiving the training to fight almost 3-4 people at a time who have weapons with them.

The training, which is in the pre-induction phase, is underway at Bengaluru’s Centre for Counter-Terrorism. Superintendent of Police M L Madhura Veena is leading the team, which consists of Karnataka’s anti-terror force.

The news agency ANI had reported about the training after Karnataka Additional DGP (Internal Security) Bhaskar Rao had met all 16 commandoes on February 5.

All about enthusiasm

After Karnataka government had sanctioned training to 175 commandos, 40 posts were vacant. Soon after, Women staff from Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) and Karnataka State Industrial Security Force had voluntarily come forward for the training.

Earlier, the number of women were 35, all less than 30 years of age. However, some of them were sent back after not meeting the exact physical requirements. Presently, 16 members are receiving training where the government is playing a key role in providing financial assistance.

The commandoes have been provided with amenities to get day and night training. As part of it, they will undergo the same situations that men commandos face.

With no defined training period, the commandoes will go through everyday training including physical fitness being the major thing. Apart from this, stress management, weapon training, explosives and breaching of the door will be included in the training process.

After two months of training, the commandoes will have to take a written examination. Those who will qualify will join the team to work 24×7.

Before this, the Delhi Police had also started such training which was stopped later.

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