If your love for Nutella can’t be described in words, and it’s something you can Nutella ya, we have something for you. Try these Nutella recipes at home today, and declare your love for your favourite spread!

We know it’s hard to not finish that Nutella jar as soon as you get it home, but hey you have to try these recipes if you love Nutella. These desserts are simple, delicious, and has Nutella as their main ingredient. Celebrate world Nutella day with these Nutellicious recipes at home na!!

1. Nutella milkshake

This 3 ingredient recipe is all about a chocolaty slurp. Made with vanilla ice-cream, milk, and loads of Nutella, this drink will definitely bring a smile to your face. It is topped with a generous amount of whipped cream, and hazelnut, but you can go for any topping you like. ( How about a dash of Nutella again?)

2. Nutella ice-cream

Well, who doesn’t love ice-cream, and his recipe is nothing but creamy, sweet, and chocolatey enough to satiate your sweet cravings. Made with just 3 ingredients, this ice-cream can be a saviour when you have many guests to attend! ( But with some pre-planning)

3. Nutella cake

This recipe is eggless and doesn’t require an oven. The chocolate ganache used in this one is simple to make, and the flavour of the cake will speak for itself. This recipe will hardly require an hour’s time, and the final sight will leave your heart filled with some nutellicious love!

4. Nutella mug cake

This gooey, rich, chocolaty, soft, and tender mug dessert is perfect for your 2 am cravings. The ingredients are simple, and are already resting in your kitchen. Try this quick recipe for a soul-satiating sugary delight!

5. Nutella cookies

The little munchkins at home are going to love this one. The salty, and sweet flavour of this recipe is warm, and makes it not-so-sweet, but-so-yummy kind of treat. The crunch on the outside, and the soft Nutella filling on the inside will melt your heart!

6. Nutella brownie

Earn yourself some brownie points with this Nutella recipe. We believe in the saying ‘a brownie a day keeps the frownies away’ too much, and so this recipe is our favourite. The dessert is simple, fudgy, chewy, and creamy, and a must-try for all the right reasons.

7. Nutella cheesecake shots

What’s better than a chocolaty cake? Well, it’s definitely a chocolaty cheesecake without any doubt. It’s time to cheesecake and chill with this quick recipe. There are few ingredients that you’ll see, and these Nutella shots are something you’ll always need! Check this recipe out!

8. Nutella sandwich

Nothing beats a crispy bite of this sandwich that has warm Nutella filling inside. Keep your tissues ready, because this one is going to be super messy. Though this recipe is eggless, you can still coat the grilled sandwich in egg/ maida batter, shallow fry, and make it even crispier!

9. Nutella bombs

This cute dessert is perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast and can be made in minutes. The pancake mix is made with wheat flour (Healthy dessert alert!!), and then it is filled with a lot of Nutella. If you don’t have this particular pan(Appe pan) in the video, don’t worry. Add Nutella in the pancake mix, and make mini pancakes. Top it with a layer of Nutella, or ice-cream, and eat it warm!

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