Instead of just local reporting about the local weather on Twitter, you can now also update details on the Indian Meteorological Department. Since IMD has opened a portal for people to update on the weather, go start updating the weather conditions of your area through the website given below!

There is no doubt that the advent of new media technology has made it very easy for people to share local updates. On the same line, the Indian Meteorological Department or IMD has opened a portal through which people can share updates on the weather.


People, irrespective of their region, can inform about the weather conditions in the form of text or images. They can update on the information regarding rainfall, dust storm, hailstorm, thunder or lightning.

The website will also allow people to upload images and put a comment about it.

As IMD has opened a portal, users can also report local details

Apart from the weather updates, the website allows people to inform on other things. Users can report on any damage caused to houses, crops or on the uprooting of trees. They can also inform if there is any disruption in the operation of telephone or power lines.

They can also report in case of flooding in a locality or on the loss of livestock or human lives.

The users will carefully have to select the appropriate district and state before putting any information. However, you will be allowed to update the weather data only eight times in a day.

After you report on the website, the officials of IMD will verify the information from their sources. The department is also planning to start the facility in regional languages.

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