The book fair ‘Lock the Box’ allows book lovers to select a box in which they can fit as many books as they want. Go join, it’s Live!

With everything moving online, there were several book fairs and events that happened online. Continuing the trend, Bookchor, an online book store has started a virtual book fair, ‘Lock The Box’.


The Karnataka edition of the book fair had started from January 29 and will please book lovers till February 7. The best part about the fair is that you can select books of your choice and lock a box before proceeding for the payment!

The online event offers boxes of 3 different sizes based on storage capacity.  The three offered box sizes include the ‘Odysseus’ box which can fit minimum 8-10 books priced at Rs.1199. However, the ‘Perseus’ box which can fit a minimum of 15-17 books is priced at Rs.1799. The last one is ‘Hercules’ box, priced at Rs 2999/, the biggest box that can accommodate 28-30 books. 

Confused about how to order books? Basically, you have to select books of your choice and then a box. Then, you can fit as many books as you want under the price of the box. The Box Online offers books of various genres. From science fiction to crime, coffee table books to children’s books, the online event offers something for everyone. 

Buyers can then finalize the booklist, fill the particular box completely and add their address. They can review the cart and make the payment( online and Cash on delivery payment options available).  The box of books will be delivered home.

Once the sale is live, everyone from Karnataka can find a button on the app/website to view or buy books. Interested people can visit the website or download the app. 

When: 27 January to 7 February
Website: Lock The Box

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