A tricolour letter filled with pride, and love to our beloved Tiranga!

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A tricolour letter filled with pride, and love to our beloved Tiranga!

It's the day when our constitution came into effect and our nation turned into a newly formed republic. It's the day when every citizen feels more connected to India's golden heritage, and salutes the Tiranga!

Today on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day, here is a letter of love to our dearest Tiranga!



My dear Tiranga,

I was in first grade when I saw you for the very first time. The school was celebrating Republic day, and I was supposed to give a speech on it. I reached the school before time and waited for the teachers to start the program. After a while, everybody was in a proper line, everything was quiet, and I knew it was the time!

The principal ma'am hoisted you, and I saw you standing tall, and flaring beautifully. I still remember how that stunning sight of you made me feel prouder and stronger. We then sang the national anthem, and I just couldn't stop looking at you. I gave my speech after that and cried out of happiness. You made me feel so happy tiranga, and I love you for that :)

It then became my ritual to give a speech on every Republic, and Independence day. I grew up, but one thing that never changed is that I still cry like a baby when I see your flare, and it makes me nothing but prouder with every stare.

My beloved Tiranga,

I still feel the same when I hold you in my hand and pin you on my chest. Do you know I get sentimental when I see the Indian team singing the national anthem? And did you know Tiranga? I cry when I see you in film scenes, and I still get shivers down my spine when I see you in someone's fist!

Dear Tiranga,

I should tell you that I am guilty. I feel the saddest when I see you on the streets when it's January 27, or August 16. It breaks my soul when I see you in pieces on roads, and I am sorry Tiranga, I don't longe for you like before.

But dear Tiranga,

I promise I'll make you prouder, and I promise I will take care of you. I will mean the national anthem, and I will make extra efforts for you. And, I will hold you tight tiranga, and I promise I will never let you down Tiranga!!


A proud Indian.

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