‘Nayak’ plot turns real as Shrishti Goswami became Uttarakhand CM for a day!

A 20-year-old, Shrishti Goswami, became Uttarakhand CM for a day on January 24, marking the occasion of ‘National girl child day’. Read what she did the whole day!

Remember how many times we appreciated Anil Kapoor starrer ‘Nayak’ and yet blamed it for being far from reality? Now, one can not! On January 24, a 20-year-old Shrishti Goswami became Uttarakhand CM for a day. The plot of ‘Nayak’ turned into reality to mark the National girl child day.

Shrishti Goswami Source

Shrishti Goswami, who hails from Daulatpur village, Haridwar, held the position of Cheif Minister and reviewed various programmes of the Government. She extended her suggestions to various departments after they put a 5-minute long presentation before her.

Goswami reviewed Women and Child Development and Disaster Management Departments and shared her take on the safety precautions. She gave the suggestion to include sanitary napkins in the safety kit distributed during flood and earthquakes.

She talked about the stranded women who become prone to sexual abuse and trafficking after any natural disaster hits. Hence, Goswami suggested that disaster management should be ready to handle women more delicately during such situations.


Further, Goswami ordered the police department to work as per the court’s direction to remove the sale of intoxicants near schools and colleges. She also directed the police to hear the concerns of girls who find difficult to reach colleges due to eve-teasing.

CM of ‘Bal Vidhan sabha’

Shrishti Goswami is a student of B. Sc agriculture in an institution situated in Roorkee. Her father, Praveen is a local businessman and mother, Sudha Goswami is a housewife. In the year 2018, Goswami was elected the CM by the ‘Bal Vidhan Sabha’. This ‘Children State Assembly’ is a symbolic event organised by the State Commission. The motive of the event is to help children understand the democratic system.

The Children’s Assembly is a three-year tenure, where Goswami is holding the position of CM from the last year. Thus, Goswami interacted with members of the ‘Children’s Assembly’ and ‘Children’s Opposition’ in the cabinet session. She wore a Banarasi sari throughout the day and, as per the plans, visited a government girls’ shelter too.

Usha Negi, the chairperson of the child rights body, appreciated the decision of ‘one-day CM’ by throwing light on how it will boost the confidence of girls. 

All we can say is we need Cheif Ministers like her!

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