Annamalai Rajendran, a Chennai Engineer collected maximum currency notes. His name is recorded in Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records.

We often meet people who have hobbies of collecting seashells, pearls and so many things. Here goes a motivational story for such people as a Chennai Engineer collected maximum currency notes from different countries. He has, now, set records for his hobby.


Annamalai Rajendran, a software engineer from Chennai had been collecting currency notes from the past 10 years. As a result, he has recorded his name in Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for “Collection of Banknotes from Maximum Nations”.

He has currency notes from 410 countries. The collection comprises of currency from 189 UN Member nations, 27 islands and Overseas Territories.

This 34-year-old had started collecting notes as a hobby to maintain a work-life balance. However, his hobby took the form of passion as he kept on increasing his knowledge about various countries. He collected most of the notes from his friends and through numismatic exhibitions.

Chennai engineer collected maximum currency from ancient empires

Annamalai’s collection includes currencies from centuries from the 17th to 21st century. Apart from paper, the notes are also made of polymer, gold, cardboard, and cloth.

He also managed to collect the world’s first glow-in-the-dark coin. Also, he has the currency of the first gold legal tender from Antigua and Barbuda. Annamalai has various ancient coins belonging to India’s Chola Empire and the Roman Empire of the West.

With his record, Annamalai broke the record of Jayesh Kumar from Coimbatore who held the record earlier.

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