New sculpture park in Kolkata to remind "life in 2020" with 20 statues representing 20 events from the pandemic year!

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New sculpture park in Kolkata to remind "life in 2020" with 20 statues representing 20 events from the pandemic year!

Check out the unique idea of the city to remember 2020 with a new sculpture Park in Kolkata. 

2020 was a tragic year that no one can ever forget. But Kolkata has come up with a distinctive way to remember it. A new sculpture park in Kolkata representing 20 statues will soon be opened in the city. All statues will represent 20 separate events from the year 2020.



Kolkata has decided to remind its people how brave they were to have got through the worse phase in 2020. And, the credit goes to the city-based sculptor Rupchand Kundu. He is going to make the new park with recycled concrete pillars.

After Rupchand Kundu realised that the pillars left at construction sites are nothing more than waste, something stroke his mind. He immediately connected with the chairman of West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO), Debasish Sen. Mr Kundu requested if he could use some pillars to convert them into statues.

Fortunately, HIDCO accepted the request and arranged more than 28 pillars in the next few weeks. The pillars were from different construction sites in the New Town area. HIDCO also provided 500 sq metre space for the installations at Akasha Junction.

The structures are already built by Rupchand Kundu and his three assistants. They also took help from HIDCO engineers. Amazingly, the sculpted statues depict the impact of coronavirus pandemic on people's lives.

The entire project will be completed by January 26.

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