The government, on January 2, allowed Karnataka shops and businesses to operate 24×7, and 7 days a week. Read the full order below.

Commercial establishments can now remain open for 24 hours a day as the state government has allowed Karnataka shops and businesses to operate 24×7. The order will be effective for three years.

The permission will apply to businesses involving ten or more people. Karnataka government has also directed that employees will not work more than eight hours a day. The order stated that, in case of overtime, the working hours will not exceed ten hours a day and 48 hours a week.


Karnataka Shops and businesses to operate 24×7 to revive economy of the state

Karnataka is one of the worst-hit states in India due to Coronavirus. The order aims at generating employment and ensuring economic growth in the state.

However, the government has clearly stated that shops will be penalised if employees are found working on holidays. The shops will also have to face punishment if employees work for more than normal duty hours without a proper order for overtime. Further, the wages of the employees will be credited to their bank accounts as mentioned in the Payments of Wages Act.

The notification by the government has also stated that women need not work after 8 pm. Although the employees will have to take written consent from women, in case, there is a requirement. The employers will also have to make sure that transport facilities are provided to women who work in the night shifts. Apart from this, the government has also ordered to provide basic facilities like restroom, washroom safety lockers.

As of January 7, 2020, Karnataka has recorded 924,000 cases of Coronavirus.

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