This year follow this 4-Step Nighttime Skincare routine with Indian Skincare Brands!

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This year follow this 4-Step Nighttime Skincare routine with Indian Skincare Brands!

Amidst all the resolutions you take this year, do add the NightTime Skincare routine to it. What better than letting your skin repair and rejuvenate while you are in sleep. While we can't emphasis enough on the importance of a nighttime skincare regime, it is crucial to apply products in the correct order. With the array of products available, it is better to understand the need of each and pick a product that not only suits your skin type but is gentle on your skin. India is a land of wellness traditions with natural and ayurvedic products being part of women's beauty kit for centuries now. Made from herbal products, these Indian brands have been making the Indian Beauty regime easy and effective now. After sharing the four-step-regime, we will share a list of brands that you can check to add products to your list.

1. Cleanse

Cleansing is an important step but is mostly overlooked. Removing all the excess dirt from the face is important for the rest of the next steps to do some good to our skin. 

2. Hydrate

Use a toner to boost the hydration of your skin. Dehydrated skin can lead to dryness and lack of antioxidants, especially in winters. For some, it also leads to activating oil glands, that can in-turn leads to acne problem.

3. Treat

A must follow step is to treat your skin with Serums and Face oils, Retinols to avoid having that patchy skin and treat skin spots.  

4. Moisturise

A good moisturizer locks the goodness of all the skincare products that we have put on our skin in the previous steps. Find a good one that hydrates and is light on your skin.

Indians brands to try for your nighttime skincare products - 

1. Juicy Chemistry



Made from natural products, give Juicy Chemistry a try if you are looking for organic products for healthy skin. Suitable for all skin types, the wide range of products to cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize.

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2. Bare Body Essentials

Nighttime Skincare routine

A homegrown brand made to treat ignored parts of our body. They have a good range of serums and skincare products. Their Retinol Serum is a good pick!

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3. Enn's Closet

Nighttime Skincare routine

Paraben-free natural products that are good for skin care. You can give their skin brightening and moisturizing products a try. 

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4. Pahadi Local

Nighttime Skincare routine

In just a short amount of time, Pahadi Local is all about praises. It is a conscious skincare and wellness brand. Try their Thangi Ka Tel(Hazelnut oil) as a face oil.

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