Pooja Devi becomes the first woman bus driver of Jammu and Kashmir!

Meet Pooja Devi, the first woman bus driver of Jammu and Kashmir, who is also a mother of two!

Breaking stereotypes with the passion for driving heavy vehicles, Pooja Devi has become the first woman bus driver of Jammu and Kashmir.

The information was shared by the Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh on Twitter. The post containing a photograph of Pooja Devi took a round on the internet soon after. The caption of the post read “Proud to have from district Kathua, Jammu And Kashmir, the first women bus driver Pooja Devi”.

Pooja Devi belongs from Sandhar-Basohli village in Kathua district and is a mother of two children. Her daughter studies in 10th standard while her son is a toddler. While she is in her late 30s, her determination for pursuing her passion is incredible. She drives a passenger bus from Kathua to Jammu.


First woman bus driver of Jammu aims to inspire women

In an interview with TOI, she mentioned she used to drive a taxi to learn how to drive commercial vehicles. She also said that she always wanted to break the taboo that only men can drive passenger buses.

Initially, the family of Pooja Devi was not supportive. However, to inspire other women to follow their dreams, she continued with driving.

She often receives stares and comments but surely knows how to ignore all of them while being behind the wheel.

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