City to confine to homes as New Year restrictions in Bengaluru announced by the police

Check out the New Year restrictions in Bengaluru before heading out on December 31!

Barring the assembly of five or more than five people on New Year’s Eve, the Bengaluru city Police have imposed section 144 of CRPC on December 31 in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. The new year restrictions in Bengaluru will continue for twelve hours.


The implementation of Section 144 will begin from December 31 at 6 pm and will continue till 6 am on January 1. The police have also banned the celebrations after 11 pm on New Year’s Eve.

The measures were announced on December 28 by the Police commissioner, Kamal Pant, who informed that celebrations at parks and streets will be prohibited. Apart from this, the police also informed that the malls and hotels have been told to ensure that the rules are properly followed. The police have also appealed to the citizens of Bengaluru to be aware of the restrictions and follow them.

New year restrictions in Bengaluru to hit restaurants and pubs

In addition, the police have also informed that apartments and communities can not involve outsiders in the celebrations. And, the pubs and restaurants are likely to have a prior coupon system to allow people into their premises. However, the strength cannot exceed 50% of the total capacity, as it will be monitored by the police.

This New Year’s Eve will also be hard for youngsters as police have restricted bike stunts, unnecessary travelling, and jolly rides. Apart from this, the flyovers in the city will be closed and signals will be barricaded.

The police will book those who, for any reason, try to violate the rules. The vehicles would also be seized in case of violation.

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