Essange by Shreya Gupta offers Spotify and QR Code cakes through which you can send your favourite songs and message to your loved ones.

Gone are the days when people just used to cut a simple cake. Shreya Gupta, who runs a digital cake shop ‘Essange’, has made sure that people move beyond this tradition. With beautiful musical cakes to cakes with QR codes, she has become one of the revolutionary pastry chefs in the baking industry.

Her recent creation is “Spotify cakes”, where one can easily scan the barcode on the cake that leads to songs or playlists on Spotify. She has also added “QR codes cakes” in the list, where people can scan to see the pre-recorded messages and videos shared by their loved ones. Having been created uniques cakes for a long time, Shreya says she was always interested in baking. “I realized that I wanted to be a pastry chef back in college,” she said.

The social media page of her store is well maintained and loved by people. Shreya believes that a strong social media presence is essential for any store to grow. “I started showcasing my cakes through social media, and luckily for me, people liked what they saw,” she added.

Lockdown made the way

However, with lockdown imposed in the cities, the store had to go through various challenges. “I had a tough time sourcing the raw materials in the initial days of lockdown. Also, working from home without access to our professional kitchen and staff was challenging, she said while also emphasizing how lockdown also worked for her. “Digital platforms worked as effective marketing tools, especially due to COVID as people were apprehensive of going out to eat or get a cake. So, this was the perfect way for us to get our brand recognized, and it has worked very well for us so far,” she said.

Shreya Gupta, who has done a patisserie course at ICCA Dubai, wants to take the store ahead in the coming times. Her cake store, ‘Essange’, situated at Hughes Road, Mumbai, has recently been listed on Swiggy, after which the brand has reached a lot of people. The store works on 3-4 days of preorder for cakes with an average price of Rs 650 for a box of 6 cupcakes. “We add new and innovative products to our portfolio every few months to keep the buzz around the brand strong,” she said.

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