Good news for art lovers! India Art Festival goes virtual from Dec 18, paintings to be displayed till Dec 27!

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Good news for art lovers! India Art Festival goes virtual from Dec 18, paintings to be displayed till Dec 27!

India Art Festival will include art galleries from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Varanasi, and Singapore.

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the India Art Festival has gone virtual from December 18 and will continue till December 27. As a result, art lovers, patrons, and artists can now attend the festival from their homes, studios, and galleries.


By Anna Kuriyan

Through the virtual festival, patrons will get to see a total of 45 stalls, 20 art galleries, and 250 artists exhibiting a total of 1000 artworks. The stalls will include paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, etc. The visitors can choose the artwork according to their preferences and can buy it online at the virtual India Art Festival.

Rajendra, Director of the festival said, "We have designed very simple but engaging virtual art festival system of 2D rooms, 3D virtual galleries with a 360-degree view of stalls for every exhibiting artists and art galleries.”


By Ashif Hossain

He also said that the visitors can enjoy the stalls with a zoom-in facility in just 45 clicks to enjoy 2D and 3D virtual stalls. "There is a facility in every booth where a visitor can call or send a text message to participating artists and art galleries. They can even pick up a digital copy of their catalogues from every stall," he added.

Art galleries from more than 5 cities

Some of the art galleries include Aakriti Art Gallery and Gallery Nataraj, from Kolkata, Art Nouveau, Galerie Splash and Uchaan from Gurgaon. Also, ArtDesh Foundation, Greyscale, Rhythm Art, Studio3 Art Gallery and The Bombay Art Society will participate from Mumbai. New Delhi will participate with Easel Stories, Eminent Art Gallery,  Gallery Endless Thoughts, Sudha Art Gallery, Thakalis Art Gallery and The Lexicon art Gallery. Apart from this, Galerie Sara Arakkal from Bangalore and Gnani Arts from Singapore will also present their stalls. Kala Bhawan from Tripura and Studio Vriksha Chhaya from Varanasi will also participate in the fest.


By Thota Vaikuntam

Ravikumar Kashi, a well-known artist from Bangalore, said it will be easier for people to join the fest who usually cannot spare time to visit the gallery. She further said, "The virtual fest will expand the viewer base for art exhibitions, and at some point, they will start visiting galleries and museums. I'm sure the virtual edition of the art festival will grow in this way, and once the pandemic subsides, both offline and online shows can be done together."

IAF hosts the annual art fair in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru with more than seven hundred artists. However, in view of the pandemic, the Bengaluru edition which was scheduled in April 2020 had got postponed.

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