If you are a non-veg lover, Kurla’s Naaz should be your next go-to spot in Mumbai!

Kurla’s Naaz, which is the most popular non-veg restaurant in Kurla, will hit your taste buds with its juicy starters, perfect main course, and delicious falooda.

Virginia Wolf was right when she said, ‘one cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.’ Imagine, visiting a restaurant with all the excitement, and after taking the first bite, realizing the chicken isn’t tender, the Biryani is super dry, and the starters are all messed up! Nothing is more horrifying, and disappointing than visiting a non-veg restaurant, and eating an uncooked and dry meat dish! But don’t you worry, Naaz is here to save your day. 

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Naaz is a budget-friendly, non-veg restaurant located opposite the Phoenix Mall in Kurla West, and is nothing but a paradise for all Non-veg lovers. There are two sections, the first one is huge and perfect for you to go with your friends. The other section is comparatively small, but it will guarantee you an intimate experience. But no matter which section you decide to dine into, the food will satisfy your hunger pangs.

1. For Appetizers

Order Chicken KaliMiri, which is creamy, cheesy, and cooked to perfection. Their Pahadi Kabab, Chicken Lollypop, and the mint chutney will leave you speechless, and should definitely be on your table to taste. Though these appetizers are mouth-watering, the Tandoori Dawat steals the show! The Tandoori Dawat include almost all of their top-rated non-veg appetizers. The quantity is good and will be enough for 4 people. Don’t miss out on their Veg crispy, even if you are a hard-core non-veg lover, it is filled with a variety of veggies, and tossed in a thick, tempting orange sauce.

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2. The Main course

Order Seekh Kabab Masala with Butter Garlic Naan. The spicy Mutton Seekh will melt in your mouth, and the masala will soothe the spice at the same time. And if you still have some space left for another bite (as they serve huge portions), try the special Naaz Biryani, and for the dessert, Hot Chocolate Brownie and a chilled Kesar Falooda would be perfect. 

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3. Last, but not the least..

Once you are done with everything, don’t forget to buy a Paan from the Paan Tapri beside the gate, and some ice cream from the ice-cream parlor. 

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