These Fitness Bloggers from Pune are making sure exercising can never go out of style!

Be it yoga, home workout, or taking up proper diet, follow these Fitness Bloggers from Pune to get your daily dose of motivation.

Many of you might agree, daily getting up to exercise or even dedicating time to workout is more of mental willpower than physical strength. And those who workout daily will guarantee you that exercising daily, even for a few minutes, uplifts their mood and energizes them enough to run through the day. Thinking about fitness and not considering a proper diet is a crime, so make sure you include a healthy lifestyle as a whole. And to motivate you to put on your workout clothes, take out your yoga mat, or go to the gym, these fitness bloggers from Pune are making sure you get inspired to move that muscle.

1. Sheetal Kotkar

2. Chandana Bhowmick

3. Swarnali Saha

4. Sheena Roy

5. Siddharth Sharma

6. Apoorva Jayarajan

7. Protima Tiwary

8. Zareen Siddique

9. Dishu Chaurasia

So are you ready to join the club of fitness enthusiasts and workout daily?

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