Light up your homes and buy candles online from Indian Brands this Diwali!

There is a saying ‘lights will guide you home’, and we strongly believe in it as candles take away all the gloom when the sky turns black. Not just this, it is a major element of decoration and hygge! On Diwali 2020, prettify your homes and buy scented candles online from these Indian brands.

1. Armatuer

Bring home their jar of glass candles, steel candles, or plain candles to add an instant hint of elegance and aroma to the pretty corners of your homes. They also have classic gift boxes to send to your loved ones.

Buy here.

2. SmiiSenses

With a huge range of fragrances, shapes, and styles, SmiiSenses have an array of natural soy candles that can’t miss holding a spot in your home this Diwali.

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3. Lavender Candles

Want to make your home delightful? Go all-in for their fresh scents in the shapes of flowers, hearts, glass jars, and other varieties that you would not want to miss on.

Buy here.

4. Iruzu

If you are in search of some sweet-smelling aesthetic candles without burning a hole in your pocket, then head straight to Iruzu, and you’ll be sorted. They use scented beeswax in their candles.

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5. The Mohraj

The Mohraj not just have candles, but also deals in other picturesque products to amplify your home set up. You can pick their newly launched antique copper finish vanilla candles and ‘arom home’ that will bring light, fragrance, and happiness your way. The good news, they have special Diwali discounts.

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6. Crud-o Design House

If you are up for something contemporary and abstract, then Crud-o has just the perfect match for you. Shop for their concrete diyas and specially designed concrete candles. All their products are a treat to the eyes.

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7. Yours Fragrantly Candles

scented candles from Indian Brands

Lift the mood this festive season with a brilliant and unique range of candles that will entice your attention at first sight. Their candles are made with dried flowers, jars topped with flower shapes, and other cute things. Buy their candles, and you won’t regret it even a bit.

Buy here.

8. Whiffs of Nature

scented candles from Indian Brands

Whiffs of Nature have curated a special range of candles for the auspicious occasion of Diwali. They have candles with dried flowers and tea candles in pretty gold holders. You can even get their gift boxes to send smells and happiness across.

Buy here.

9. Summer Scents Apothecary

They have options beyond one’s imagination. If you are a sucker for scented candles then they are the best stop. You name the fragrance and they have it. Get ordering!

Buy here.

Candles provide just the right kind of warmth and happiness. Which scented candles will you buy online from Indian Brands will you want to get first?

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