‘Missus Sippi’ – Mumbai’s first and only dedicated regional beverage kitchen

Just like a proud mom who reminisces her little ones ‘shaitaniyat’ at every household party, Missus Sippi regales tales of hundred of such parched memories from almost every regional kitchen in India. Not just a beverage delivery kitchen, Missus Sippi is a nostalgia mixologist that actualizes the power of childhood memory into every 300 ml bottle it serves.

Simply put, it delicately holds together a piece of culture from every corner of our country, and serves it fresh with every order. 

“Our woke generation is now using science to come to terms with what our mothers and grandmothers knew all along,” opines Kunal Malhotra, co-founder. “Adding a pinch of jeera for digestion, using gur to aid detox – these are tasty hacks our mothers have been using to take care of us for years, from what can only be considered the apothecary of their kitchens. At Missus Sippi, we believe that the city’s new found fondness for regional cuisine must anoint them as the true brand ambassador, and push Indian mothers to the forefront by making their heritage drinks cool.”

Missus Sippi

Bringing nostalgic flavours of Indian beverages to a more mainstream audience, however, is no easy task. Each drink on Missus Sippi’s menu is evocative of a grand history lesson of its own, with a uniquely ‘Indian ceremony’ or ‘experience’ attached to it. This meant close to 8 months of research for Malhotra and his gang of regional-beverage experts who travelled across Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Old Delhi, Bihar, and Punjab – each unlocking a distinctive secret from a mother’s kitchen, whilst carefully documenting the ingredients and craft required for every drink to remain as authentic, clean and healthy as possible.

Missus Sippi

Flavours, essence, aroma, ingredients, and a whole community’s vibe packed in a glass, Missus Sippi, hence, aims to introduce you to Indian beverages you didn’t even know existed. From Indian streets to posh hotels, these drinks hold the mantle as thirst-quenchers for myriads of millions living under varied climate profiles of India – serving as their ‘kavach’ in cold winters and their ‘chaaon’ in hot summers.

Made from local spices of their region – these concoctions also serve as tempting alternatives to binging aerated drinks or those with soda, thanks to the ‘umame’ of their signature taste profiles. To emulate the feeling of a famous brand, “no one can drink just one!”

Missus Sippi

Missus Sippi and it’s mixologists believe that two ingredients can turn anything into magic – love and authenticity. It is with the same passion that they plant, grow, and responsibly source all ingredients to wisely use in a recipe, that is served fresh to you each time. Their love for Indian beverages pans lifetimes, leading to Missus Sippi’s vision, to eventually represent every community from every state, with a drink of its own. Their menu endeavors to become their museum, and they plan to do so by including every single drink you probably clicked your tongue (to) as a child.

They have various flavours on their menu. From Sambaram from Kerala to Thandai from UP, there is a lot you can try.

For deliveries, call 93219 06991 or order in via Swiggy and Zomato

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