Do you know there is a whole lane of Ceramic Stores in Lonavala?

Believe us when we say there is a whole lane in Lonavala, which is a great pit stop for all your ceramic shopping. People from Mumbai and Pune literally would have travelled innumerable times to Lonavala. Sometimes to trek, staying at Villas to party, went on long drives especially during monsoons, eating Chikkis and Aunty’s fudge, but have you ever been to the ceramic lane at this beautiful hill station? We assure you, you are gonna love these ceramic stores in Lonavala.


There are around 10-20 shops that sell various kinds of ceramics. From planters to crockeries, to bathroom accessories, to numerous home furnishing items, they have almost everything ceramic you need(or do not need). But we bet you’ll go crazy exploring all the products. 


You can pick from plain crockery to colored or patterned ones. Their planters, bowls, plates, tea sets, mugs are a hot seller.

Many shops procure their ceramics from Khurja pottery, UP, which in itself is extremely famous for their pottery work to get the GI tag for the craft. These stores are located at INS Shivaji Road Bushi Dam Lonavala. 

ceramic stores in Lonavala Local Samosa

Where: These stores are located at INS Shivaji Road Bushi Dam Lonavala Pradeep crockery and ceramic shop
Sandhya Ceramics and Crockery shop
Deepak Crockery

ceramic stores in Lonavala Local Samosa

This place is a must-visit for every ceramic lover. So, next time you visit Lonavala, make sure to explore this lane.

P.S.: Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing.

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