Meet the LocalPreneur Preeti Rathod Anand, who is bringing you an interesting buffet with The Theatric Platter.

Preeti Rathod has experience with communication & partnership of 6 years and non-negotiable relation with food for a decade now. She believes in supporting local boutique businesses & homegrown food and wants to promote the beautiful produce of our community. The Theatric Platter is born out of a passion for her homegrown food, styling, and love for food. The absolute virtue of the brand is the food should be a feast for eyes cause we eat with our eyes first, and with The Theatric Platter, she wants to bring a riveting twist to your boring buffet by setting up grazing tables.

We were in conversation with Preeti Rathod to share her love for food and grazing tables.

Where did it all begin for you?

It all began as a passion project at home !! I love hosting my family & friends and realized how boring the food looks when we just serve it as a buffet & start experimenting at home. I also love growing my herbs & produce in our garden which made me realize that it tastes much different than the one brought from a regular departmental store. Along with that, we love boutique homegrown brands that have much more to offer than some big established brands. So combining all these elements we started our own little venture 

Can you tell us something about you?

I have about 7 years of experience with communication & brand partnerships. I have done a few courses from IHM as I loved food, but it was a hobby 10 years back. Eventually, the lines started blurring between passion & hobby, and we discovered The Theatric Platter. 

Please share What, When, & How of starting your brand The Theatric Platter?

I always loved styling my table & thought of hosting in a manner where food was not wasted and also an easy yet elegant style of dining. I did not want to hire waiters to get the food to be passed around so taking a cue from the Australian style of hosting, also at the same time I did an event last year for a homegrown company I worked with in the past & figured out the boutique side of the business. 

Can you walk us through your journey so far?

The concept is still very new. People in India still love hot appetizers but it is changing slowly & steadily the concept of smaller and detailed events with people to mingle & nibble over food. We have tied up with all local boutique businesses who are doing their work ethically which is very important to us & nothing we present on our table is “imported “ which sets us apart and we will be surprised when it hits your taste buds. We want to promote local produce which we take pride in. 

What are some challenges that you faced while launching and running TTP during the lockdown?

Getting the right vendors on board was very hard, and many small businesses have shut down now which was very difficult for a lot of us. So many people around me told me this will not work out after covid and things will never be the same, but that’s the part we always believed in – smaller intimate celebrations. Since no one is doing events or having parties currently, we do grazing boxes and platters that we deliver at your place so that you can enjoy our food in the comfort and safety of your homes.

What according to you makes TTP stand out amongst other brands?

We are proudly Eco-conscious. We have zero usage of plastic, all our packaging is biodegradable and made of palm leaf, even our boards are made out of wood that has not been cut but eventually fallen off. 

Can you share your business model with us?

It’s a B to C model where we try to tap the audience who believe in experience & sustainability. It’s a very niche audience, who wants an easy yet elegant style of dining. 

How are you using Social Media to promote The Theatric Platter? 

Currently, we are just on social media, which is a blessing, to be honest, because one can build a direct relationship with the customer and reach out to a vast audience as Instagram, & Facebook is integrated as one platform which makes it easier to track. We are going all out on social media with videos, on Facebook, and also starting influencer marketing soon.

One advice/suggestion you would like to give aspiring entrepreneurs out there. 

It’s better late than never & take that plunge. 

Quick Questions, Preeti Rathod

Your Star Product: Chilli oil & apricot honey ricotta.
City founded: New Delhi 
Your inspiration: Nigella lawson

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