“Ghosht Stories” Mumbai’s Only Ghosht Kitchen Dishing out Meals now!

Eras passed, colonies settled and left but India’s relationship with ghosht has stood the test of the time. Tracing this rich history, Chef Mrigank journeyed the expanse of our diverse nation to find the best offering of mutton dishes India can and has historically offered. During this voyage across 12 states, 25 different regional cuisines, Chef and his team chronicled their travels with over 150 recipes. With a diary full of recipes, the smell of spices, and memories of satiated appetite, he brings to Mumbai, Ghosht Stories! A traditional mutton kitchen whose every meal will etch a fondness in your mind, just like your love.

Ghosht stories

A first of its kind, mutton focused cloud kitchen, With the aim to serve up mutton dishes that will invoke a sense of homeliness. No flairs, no fancy, no modern twists–just good old fashioned humble servings of mutton delicacies.

What’s special?

Ghosht stories

Promising flavours to strike the perfect balance between heritage, tradition and taste. Each curry is rested for 8 hours to let the spices mesh beautifully. They also have their house chilli blend that is nothing like anyone’s tasted before! In order to serve the finest meals, Chef Mrigank pulls all the stops along the way, making sure that phulkas and rice are also unique. Phulkas are made with the superior Khapli wheat that is healthier and more delicious than regular wheat. The menu tells the tale of his excursions with mutton starters, curries, rolls from across the country! Mangalore’s Mutton Sukka, Easter Uttar Pradesh’s Mutton Ishtew, Jaipur’s famous Shekhawati Laal Maas, closer to home, Maa’s Mutton Tikka, and much more.

Ghosht stories

For more updates, specials, and details, follow them on Instagram: @ghoshtstories. Also, it will be serving individual meals and will be taking large orders. Be it a Diwali party with close family, IPL screening at home with your friends, or a family get together, Ghosht Stories has got you covered. 

Let us know in the comments below about your favourite Mutton Dish!

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