Craving for Mouth-watering Mexican food? The Mexican Box has got you sorted

The Mexican Box, a premium Mexican cloud kitchen, is now open for delivery orders. The brand offers a playful yet sophisticated menu of traditional Mexican dishes, as well as unique takes on some of the classics.

The menu is designed to be enjoyed at home exactly how one would at a Mexican restaurant – with friends and family, all in the mood for a fiesta. The extensive offerings ensure that there is something for everyone. With the pandemic continuing to encourage people to stay safely at home, The Mexican Box aims to convey that dining at home can still be a special experience, from the packaging to the actual food itself.

What To Order?

The Mexican Box

Diners can begin by choosing from a range of delicious Guacamole, made with the finest Hass avocados. Beyond the traditional, house-made version, other options include Twisted Guacamole, served with Mango and Jalapeños; Exotic Berries; Crispy Bacon Bits; or Crab Meat.

The Nacho Man, the ultimate, DIY nacho kit can be enjoyed as a meal in itself, or an accompaniment to the extensive menu. Other small plates include Stuffed Chillies, plump, mild chillies stuffed with melt-in-your-mouth cheese and Mexican spiced vegetables with an eggless Chipotle mayonnaise dressing; and La Papa, baked potato smothered in creamy corn compote, cheese and jalapenos, served with sour cream.

The Mexican Box

The vast menu also includes Chimichangas and jumbo Burritos, with fillings including soft scrambled eggs (breakfast burrito); vegetables and beans; California chicken; pulled pork; and grilled prawn. Additional fillings include Mexican rice, black beans, avocado slices, pickled peppers and more.

No Mexican meal is complete without a variety of sauces and condiments and The Mexican Box doesn’t disappoint. Diners can order jars of the brand’s House-Made Signature Macha Mexican Chilli Oil; and House-Made Jalapeno to their orders, to add a bit of heat to this meal or anything else, whenever they wish. The brand also offers 9 salsas and dips served with crispy tortilla chips, perfect for any time snacking.

The Mexican Box

For dessert, guests can order Heartthrob, a heart-shaped, decadent dark chocolate mousse cake, topped with tres leches cream and pineapple and exotic berries compote.

To wash it all down, the brand offers pre-mixed Mexican drinks, premium beverages that come ready to pour.

Get ordering this perfect set of meals from The Mexican Box and satisfy your Mexican cravings. Write to us about your experience in the comments section.

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