Louder than a roar, it’s a growl, Crafters launches its first beer growler station in Andheri

Get drinking, as Crafters, Mumbai’s most cherished homegrown microbrewery is launching its first Growler Station

There’s nothing like the first sip of beer, and every beer enthusiast will agree! Crafters, a home-grown microbrewery gives life to that feeling, and has launched their first-ever beer growler station! With the new product tagline “It’s not a burp, it’s a growl”! The brand is ready to roar – nay – growl, louder than ever before.


Crafters has always believed in providing its patrons with best of its handcrafted beers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Crafters was prompt at turning adversity into opportunity and adapting its offering to provide its signature brews in the form of growlers. The all-new Growler Station retail set-up is a result of this turnaround. Crafters aims to provide premium quality and excellent service as they set foot into this new territory.

Crafters thrives on three main markers of craft beer- fuller flavor, greater variety, and luring new people to be a part of the beer lover’s community! Serving a rainbow of different grain brews, the growler station has something for everyone; each brew holds a unique identity and flavour to suit varied palates. The refreshingly simple Belgian Wit, bright Pilsner, clean and light Cucumber Lager and fruity Hefeweizen are few of the brews on tap at the growler station.  With a wide selection to choose from, the brewery is creating the right kind of stirs in Mumbai (or let’s say, the right kind of beer head!)

Crafters has become one of the most loved microbreweries and aims to cast the same spell on Andheri as well. Growler stations will help beer lovers sip their craft beer at home!


Crafters foresees to expand its range of brews and include as many local flavours to satiate every customer’s taste buds. The first growler station will observe an array of seven flavours of beers on tap that is available in growlers for takeaways. Growlers are pressurized containers that carry freshly brewed craft beer and are the new buzz among craft beer lovers in India. The multiple sizes and types of containers it comes in is easy to choose from as per your suitability; all equally compelling! Also, to ensure that it is easily accessible and at an affordable range! 1-litre growler is priced at INR 600 and a 2.5-litre growler at INR 1400 (excluding taxes). Enjoy at the comfort of your home.

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