Choose a fit and healthy living with Indian Organic Honey brands!

Indian honey brands

Honey is one edible product that not only gives a sweet tickle to our taste buds but also brings with it uncountable health benefits known by the world at large. During times like these, when our immunity needs to be strong, honey can do wonders to boost it. Here we are with a rundown of Indian Honey brands that will serve you with its secret magic.

1. Sidra Honey

Sidra Honey is your one-stop-shop for all things honey. All their honey products and their by-products are natural and organic. Coming to the health benefits, it helps in gut health, immune health, quick source of energy, and a rich source of antioxidants. You can pick from a range of exotic honey flavors like Sidar, Karanj, Thulasi, Lychee, Mustard, and many more.

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2. Under the Mango Tree

They get honey directly from the beekeepers and help the people of rural India live a decent life. You can score honey from different regions like the Mountainous region, Central India, North India, with flavous like Jamun, Litchi, Clover, Eucalyptus to just name a few. If you are someone who is all about natural honey, do check their subscriptions.

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3. Nutrimoo

Nutrimoo offers you, natural honey, with zero artificial preservatives directly from the beehives in the foothills of the Himalayas. You can opt for an array of flavors like natural honey, tulsi honey, cinnamon honey, or Ajwain honey.

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4. Homegrown Platter

Homegrown Platter brings to you local honey from traditional Indian ways to your tables. The honey that they provide is completely raw and unprocessed, offering you the best of nature’s reward. You can choose from Chichirri and Wildflower Honey.

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5. Merlion Naturals

The organic raw honey at Merlion is 100% natural, inspired by Ayurveda, and made from superior quality beehives. They are against artificial chemicals and preservatives.

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6. Yess Honey

The honey at Yess is produced to be the finest, organic, and natural honey. It comes from the bee farms of the dense forests of Karnataka. The honey is the best alternative to sugar and is unprocessed, unadulterated, and filtered to perfection.

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7. Buraansh

Buraansh is like a treat to you straight from the Himalayas. They make pure handmade products and deliver them to you with love from the mountains. You can select as you like from raw wildflower honey or raw mustard white honey.

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From which of these Indian honey brands will you order first thing?

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