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Doodling is all about leaving a mark on people's hearts with some cutesy work full of colors and strokes. Indian doodlers keep on working on different things, but one aspect that struck the cord is the depiction of local spots in Indian Cities. Their doodles speak ounces and become a common ground for art, history, culture, and places. Come let's check out the work of these homegrown doodlers!

1. Chaitanya Limaye

Chaitanya through his work portrays an array of emotions of people on different occasions. He can also be found sketching different locations while on the go. You can find his beautiful doodles on Pondicherry, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore, to name a few.

2. Anirudh Kadav

Anirudh Kadav's Instagram feed is all about some mind-boggling doodles of local spots. He recently depicted the everyday routine of cities like Pune, Delhi, and Mumbai. His doodles of Mumbai revolves around the lifeline of Mumbai, the local train, iconic Baba Falooda, legendary Bade Miya, Marine Drive, and Madras Cafe, each multiple folds better than the other.

3. Shivika Dalmia

Color the Moments ventures into creating very relatable doodles. Especially, if you are from Delhi she knows how to hit the right string. Doodles by her resonate with the life of a college student, boarding the metro, cafe hopping, trying street food, and simple everyday routine.

4. Atasi Kirtania

Atasi's work is all about the city of joy, Kolkata. She never fails to astound with her doodles that move parallelly with happiness and love. Not just this, she definitely adds to a lot of charm to the local places of Kolkata through her work.

5. Aishwarya Vohra

Aishwarya's super cute work will take you on a slide down the memory lane. Her feed looks straight outta quirky kids cartoon book. Apart from the cartoons, she did a series of city maps depicting Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi in all their glory.

6. Toncy Xavier

Toncy is flawless at what he does and is one of the creative homegrown doodlers you will come across. Most of his doodles amped up with animation represents the city of Mumbai and everything that makes Mumbai what it is today. Starting from the Local train to Vadapav with cutting chai and baarish, BEST buses, and Marine Drive.

7. Vikash Thakur

Vikash invests his time in creating some phenomenal work that is surely a treat your eyes. He designs illustrations and doodles on local festivals and depicting local spots of cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. You can get a taste of his creativity through his Instagram.

Once you check the feeds of these homegrown doodlers, we bet your creative juices will start flowing too.

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