Here's the story of Shibuji Nathan, an artist bringing art back in life with his sketches.

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Here's the story of Shibuji Nathan, an artist bringing art back in life with his sketches.

Every city has a charm of its own and beautiful structures, roads, and streets become an artist's muse. From doodling to sketching, Shibhuji Nathan is bringing life to Pune with his sketches. In a candid conversation, we got to know more about him and his art.

When did you start sketching?

I have been sketching for a long time now. I started Doodle Art around 15 years ago, while I am doing Urban Sketching for 4 years now with the Pune Urban Sketchers group.

What does Pune mean to you?

Pune, wow, the best place in the world. It's like a mixed medium, love the blending of culture, history, nature, forts, hills, food, and best are people. So, I love capturing these essences in my artworks.

What inspires you to sketch? What is the impact of art in your life?

Live Sketching helps me capture the essence of the place and acts as a stress buster. About DoodleArt, it is a kind of meditation for me, and I use it as therapy.

What does doodling mean to you?

Doodling is close to scribbling means it's a freedom of drawing, undefined, mindless ( not paying attention to what you draw). So it helps in many ways, it is a stress buster, a form of art, create a flow in our thinking, you can capture memories, dilute emotions like anger or sadness, it's meditation, having therapeutic values, only art where mistakes are allowed. All it requires is a pen and paper. Apart from this, there are so many benefits, like it helps in improving memory as shown in some research.

Check-out his Instagram Page to know more about his artwork.

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