From Fashion to Home Decor, add these Indian Vegan Leather Brands in your daily life.

We have all heard about vegan food, buy vegan leather? You bet. We all love animals, don’t we? So, then why harm them? Check-out these Indian Vegan Leather Brands that are taking initiative and making us proud. From fashion accessories to home decor items, find everything you need Made-in-India. Without further ado, let’s get onto the list.

1. Aulive

Aulive stores vegan leather backpacks, laptop sleeves, trunks, and bags. Their collection is too cool to give it a miss. Check out their collection and you’ll know what we are saying.

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2. Senso Vegetarian

Are you looking for leather footwear for everyday wear or occasional events? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Senso Vegetarian offers just what you looking for. Vegan leather shoes for everyone, kids, women, and men.

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3. Paio

Paio is a subtle mix of classy & funky fashion. Add a fine collection to your shoe closet, and dress up your best way. Let us warn you, the feeling of wanting to buy everything fuels up looking at their collection.

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4. Arture

Art+Nature is what makes Arture. They make products sustainable with accessories made of natural cork. Their collection consists of laptop sleeves, travel accessories, wallets, and handbags.

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5. Hamelin

Card Wallets, Travel Bags, Work Tote, Hamelin has it all covered. Plus, these leather products are cruelty-free. What more do we need?

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6. Happy Sole

Happy Sole comes to our mind when talking about Indian Vegan Leather Brands for footwear. Be ready for business meetings, casual outings, and traditional parties in style.

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7. Malai

Add a coconut-based leather product from the City of Coconuts-Kerala. They offer a wide range of collection of footwear, bags, and accessories.

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8. Moon Rabbit

Simple, Fun, and Classy are the words that define Moon Rabbit. They offer a wide range of collections, buy from bags, laptop sleeves to face masks and travel accessories, all cruelty-free.

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9. Achilles’ Heel

Founded in 2012, to build India’s first DIY label that uses cruelty-free leather, Achilles’ Heel is a place for men only. Why should women have all the fun? Men, it’s time you get ready in style too.

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10. Broke Mate

Fashion Bags with soul, that’s what they claim. Choose from their cruelty-free, PETA Approved Vegan collection of handbags, slings, laptop bags, wallets, and more.

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11. Zouk

Ikkat print on a leather laptop bag is something we have never ever spotted before. (Correct us if we are wrong). Zouk’s collection brings the essence of our traditional crafts to our modern-day lifestyle.

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12. A Big Indian Story

India’s first Pinatex brand presents bags, accessories, and footwear made from cruelty-free leather. For those who don’t know about Pinatex leather, they are a sustainable fabric made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. Cool. Isn’t it?

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13. The CAI Store

Did you know our shoes is the first thing a person notices? And to make sure you are well updated with your footwear, we present to you The CAI Store. From flats to heels find everything that is made in Vegan Leather.

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14. The Alternate

Men, this is for you only. Draw out the striking persona in you by complementing your look with a pair of vegan footwear from The Alternate India.

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15. Tisora Designs

Travel in Style! And to make sure you do, Tisora is at our rescue. They offer personalized unisex travel and lifestyle accessories in Vegan Leather. Yes, that’s right! Hurry up and order some of these amazing goodies.

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16. House of Badnore

Vegan leather for fashion? Sure. But vegan leather for home decor accessories? You bet. Check-out House of Badnore’s collection and explore cruelty-free leather products.

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Upgrade your wardrobe with quality leather bags and handcrafted accessories, that are made without harming the animals. Plus, their collection is too good to miss out on.

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If you know anymore Indian Vegan Leather Brands, then do let us know in the comments below.

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