94, and breaking stereotypes! Check out this inspiring story of Harbhajan Kaur’s entrepreneurial journey with ‘Besan Ki Barfi’!

Here’s an inspiring story of a 94-year-old grandma that is going to melt your heart and evoke some nostalgia. Harbhajan Kaur, at the age of 90 launched her brand, Harbhajan’s, that is today loved by all. If you love Indian desserts, we are sure you are going to love this! Read on to find more about her.

First Step into the Making:

94-year-old grandmother, Harbhajan Kaur, is breaking all stereotypes, and we are all in awe of it. A few years ago, Harbhajan told her daughter Raveena that she had a fulfilling life, but her only regret is that she never earned any money on her own. 

Raveena then decided to do something for her mother. And that’s when ‘Harbhajan’s’, Besan ki Barf came into existence. According to the sources, the first time Harbhajan sold barfi was at a local organic market, and she did it all on her own. Her first earning was worth Rs 2,000. 

And after this, there was no looking back for Kaur. It gave her the wings to go ahead and the much-needed confidence. Apart from the barfis, she also makes various kinds of pickles.

The entire family came together to help Harbhajan chase her dreams. Raveena pushed her mother to fulfill her wishes, while Kaur’s granddaughter helped her with the packaging and branding.

She even made 200 kg of barfi for her granddaughter’s wedding, which took place a few months ago. Every few days, Harbhajan Ji makes a good amount of barfi, to make sure she is never overworked. Their tagline, ‘Bachpan Yaad aajayegi‘, surely reminds us of our good-old childhood days.

Over the years, she has made about 500 kg of barfi, and the price of 1kg is Rs 900. Talking about the plan of expanding with a portal, Harbhajan Ji said that they are taking things as they come. However, they are planning to employ soon, looking at the love people are giving to them, and the orders they are receiving.

What started with Rs 2,000 has now made Harbhajan Kaur a recognized entrepreneur. So, the next time you are in Chandigarh, don’t forget to try out this home-made loving barfi.

Call: +91-9888419943
Price: Rs 900 per kg

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