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Whenever someone says 'Books' all the bibliophiles swoon with joy. This is the time when the majority of us are working from home, and we can shell out some time for reading. Isn't it a boon? According to us, it definitely is. We scrolled through our favourite book bloggers' Instagram feed to know about the books by Indian authors they love.  Thank you, Apurva & MansiVidhya A. ThakkarNeelamNikitaPooja SinghResh SusanMirMridulaPadmaja for always suggesting amazing reads through your accounts. Here is a rundown of some brilliant books by Indian Authors reviewed by these bookstagrammers!

1. Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu

Destination Wedding is a book on a typical Big Fat Indian wedding with a “masala” twist as we call it!

2. I Hate My Curly Hair by Divya Anand

A story of a girl struggling with her curly hair is a cute little read that will plaster a smile on your face throughout.

3. Indogene- Stories of Indians Across the Globe by Sriram Devatha⁣

Indians are scattered all across the globe. The book follows the stories of ten such Indians stories set in different periods ranging from the 1800s to the 21st century.

4. Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag

The author will capture your attention into this wonderful yet muddled world of an ordinary yet eccentric family.

5. Calling Sehmat by Harinder Sikka

This book is inspired by a real-life story. Calling Sehmat is a saga of a spy, the daughter of an Indian intelligence agent, who in the service of the nation, gave all of herself.

6. The Plague Upon Us by Shabir Ahmad Mir

Shabir Ahmad Mir has come up with his debut novel. The book actually starts with the spread of the plague which is only a metaphor for something horrible.

7. Boons and Curses by Yugal Joshi

In this book, a distraught Kunti approaches Krishna for answers. Krishna, the charming God that he is, decides to narrate her stories, each a step closer to pacifying Kunti's troubled thoughts.

8. The Music Room by Namita Devidayal

This beautiful book is not just a story or your typical memoir, it's an alluring tribute from a student to her teacher.

9. Estuary by Perumal Murugan, translated from Tamil by Nandini Krishnan


Resh Susan aka thebooksatchel, greatly enjoyed this novel, set in a town unlike Murugan’s other novels set in villages. Estuary explores contemporary life while making a witty commentary on our education system, the race to get into a good college, private engineering colleges treating students as robots and not humans—no talking with students of the opposite sex, concentration tips to study better. The book also paints an astute portrait of a father-son relationship, explores the technological divide and fears that haunt the older generation, and looks at bridging the generational gap.

Which are the books by the Indian Authors that will be the first one to tie you to your chairs?

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