Communicate in Another Language! Echoes in Koramangala, Bangalore is driven by a cause!

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Communicate in Another Language! Echoes in Koramangala, Bangalore is driven by a cause!

Echoes in Koramangala, Bangalore, is run by a hearing and speech impaired staff. The cafe has a unique vibe, where you use fewer words to talk, but signs and smiles to communicate to the servers.



One step towards inclusivity

Amidst so many cafes in every nook and corner of Koramangala, there is something that makes Echoes stand apart. The simple fact that this cafe only employs staff with hearing and speech impaired servers, and generating employment opportunities for them. They get to meet more people from their community and definitely makes its visitors learn something about them.

Echoes in Koramangala Bangalore


How to order?

Well, you must be wondering how to place orders. They have a fully equipped system with a special switch that lights up a bulb on the table to notify the waiters. Apart from this, they also have basic placards on the table that diners can lift as per their needs. When placing orders, every dish comes with a unique code that you can write on a chit and share it with the server.

Echoes in Koramangala Bangalore


What to order?

The menu has a spectrum of dishes like pizza, pasta, burgers, steak, Chinese dishes, and North Indian with different curries and bread varieties. Just like the initiative by Echoes, their food is equally good.

Echoes in Koramangala, Bangalore holds a special place because of the cause it is driven by. More such cafes should start pan India. What do you think?

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