A Letter of Love to Modak, our dear Sweet Partner!

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A Letter of Love to Modak, our dear Sweet Partner!

We love Bappa and Bappa loves Modak, and so we do too. How can Ganpati celebrations be complete without Modaks? So read our Letter of Love to Modak appreciating the sweetness they bring to our festivities.

Dear Modak,

The sight of you settled next to Bappa makes my lips curve and my mouth watery. Finally, the wait is over, and Bappa and you are here with Me! 

Modak you are the favorite part of my childhood nostalgia. How we all the kids used to hover the kitchen when Maa and Dadi used to make Modaks for the bhog for our Ganpati celebrations. Years passed by, and I started accompanying Papa to the sweet shops to savour every new flavour the Halwais had to offer. From mawa and malai to kesar, besan and oh my favorite, the chocolate modak, I have loved you in every taste. I can't imagine celebrating my favorite festival without you. 

On Ganesh Chaturthi days, I cadge for the sight of you. I remember stealing you from the pooja thaali and acting all innocent and then run into my room, lock the door, and enjoy my moment with you. Just talking about you makes me all salivating. How in my childhood, I would save you in my room, in my secret box in my cupboard, waiting for the guests to leave so I could eat as many as I want. 

You are loved by all, kids, adults, and even grand-parents. How are you so versatile? Your sweetness is just what we need in this world.

Even today my squad and me, go for pandal darshans. But let me tell you a secret, while I am adoring Bappa and praying, I sneakily look for your darshan too. I guess Bappa won't mind this, right? After all, he is known as Modakpriya. It's the only time of the year when I don't need to count calories and eat you to my heart's content. 

You know, we even tried to make a healthier version of you. From sugar-free modaks to dry fruit modaks, but unme woh baat kaha? Talk about sweet-treats, and the first name that pops in my head is YOU!

In a world full of spicy momos, will you be my sweet modak forever?

Thank you modak, for making our special occasion, Ganesh Chaturthi even more special, and bringing sweetness in our lives. Bappa loves you, and so do we! I will love you, always and forever! 

Love, Yours truly!

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