No weekend plans? Treat your tastebuds to the finest Japanese cuisine with Weekend Burger Co.

Everyone’s favorite comfort food receives a gourmet update with Weekend Burger Co., which lives up to its moniker by serving up DIY gourmet burgers, along with a range of delectable sides, on weekends only. The Mumbai-based home deli is the brainchild of Sahil Lulla, his wife Kresha Lulla, and brother Nikhil Lulla. With innovative offerings, ranging from the signature Cheetos burger to Lotus biscoff popcorn. The newest entrant to the city’s culinary scene offers all the makings of the perfect stay-at-home night.

What if we told you that you could treat your plate and your palate to the exquisite flavors of Japanese street cuisine without ever having to move off your couch? Weekend Burger Co., a Mumbai-based home deli, is here to end the where-should-we-eat dilemma once and for all with a limited-edition menu that takes cues from the gourmet flavors of Katsu Sando. 

Weekend Burger Co.

After having successfully run their signature Cheetos Burger menu and the American Weekend menu, Weekend Burger Co. has taken a step ahead by putting their own spin on east Asian cuisine to introduce their latest offering – the Katsu Sando menu. 

Weekend Burger Co.

The menu is headlined by the Katsu Sando burger, a DIY offering available with chicken or tofu. It can be easily assembled on one’s own, which is best enjoyed with a side of Chilli Garlic Edamame. For your next night of Netflix and chill, you’ll also want the Katsu Loaded Fries at hand’s reach. Tired of the usual suspects? Skip the pizza-versus-pasta debate entirely with the Katsu Curry Rice Bowl that promises to indulge your senses with a flavourful Japanese curry, crispy cutlet, and steamed rice.

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