These Dosa places in Bangalore are serving the traditional dosas with a whole lot of quirk!

Thin golden crispy dosas with aloo filling are just yummazing. But how about some twist to the dosa that we have all been eating for ages. Just imagine a combo of noodles or bhaji or for the sweet tooth some chocolate on the dosa. We are drooling already, are you? So here is a list of some dosa places in Bangalore that one should swear by to taste the quirky makeover to the traditional dosa.

1. Gold-Plated Dosa


This royal dosa is covered with 24-karat gold foil. This dosa has been a hit both amongst tourists as well as locals. The dosa, like our traditional ones, is filled with mashed potato and served with a glass full of coconut water. Their footfall has multiplied with the invention of this royal dosa. What are you waiting for?

Where: Rajbhog

2. 4 Foot Long Dosa

dosa places in Bangalore

Yes, it is actually a 4 feet long dosa. This dosa can satisfy the bellies of one entire family. The dosa is filled with loads of potato and served with a generous amount of chutney. The interiors of RK Dosa are not so fancy, but the dosa is top-notch. Every dosa lover should add this to their list right away.

Where: RK Dosa Camp

3. Noodle Dosa


We love Dosa and Noodles individually. How about a combo of these two? The ‘Dosa Aunty’ is famous for preparing 9 varieties of dosa, noodle dosa being one of them, and this dosa is a delight to every food lover.

Where: Vaishnavi & Deepak Jain Fast Food

4. Pav Bhaji Dosa


It is a paper-thin dosa filled with bhaji instead of the usual aloo filling. This combination is extremely loved by the people of Bangalore. When it comes to trying dosas in Bangalore, you must try your hands on this appetizing Pav Bhaji Dosa.

Where: Real Fresh Dosa Corner

5. Chocolate Dosa


For all the sweet tooths who love experimenting with their desserts. This one is especially for you, and also for all the Dosa lovers. How about dosa for dinner followed by a dosa for desserts? We can’t keep calm by the thought of it. This amalgamation has really impressed us, and we are sure it will impress you too.

Where: 99 Variety Dosa

6. Cheese and Pepper Dosa

dosa places in Bangalore

This dosa has dollops of melted cheese and plenty of pepper on a thin crust buttery dosa. For the foodies who love to keep it simple with their food, this is a must must try.

Where: Konark Veg Restaurant

7. Mini Masala Dosa


This iconic dosa eatery has usually an hour-long queue. We think this statement is enough to tell you about delicious their mini dosas are. The place has been serving dosas for thirty years now. Do try if you love traditional dosas.

Where: Sidappa Hotel

If we are missing on quirky dosa places in Bangalore, let us know in the comment section below.

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