Give your kitchen a break and order Parathas In Mumbai to put some yummy in your tummy!

Yashvi Shah
Aug 12, 2020 09:31 IST
Give your kitchen a break and order Parathas In Mumbai to put some yummy in your tummy!

Are you bored of eating the same food every day? We are too! And that's why we've got you a quick suggestion. Give your kitchen some break and order Parathas In Mumbai to treat your taste buds. Keeping hygiene in mind, we've curated a list of places from where you can get these tasty treats delivered safely. So, enjoy the flavor of true authentic Punjabi paranthas at the comfort of your home.

1. Amritsari Kulcha Junction

Hands down, Amritsari Kulcha Junction has some of the best kulchas and paranthas in Mumbai. These Parathas are perfectly drenched in butter and just melts in your mouth. Try them with chole and some mishti dahi, and fall in love with every bite of it. Treat your taste buds in this lockdown and order some yummy dishes from here.

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2. Breadkraft

2 words pop in our head when we walk-in here. Crunchy and Chatpata! These paranthas are perfect for your Sunday brunch. Be ready for bites that throws you off at the beginning but slowly grows on you. Time to put some yummy in your tummy.

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3. Punjab Grill

Did someone just mention Punjabi Parathas? Yes, we did! And now we are ordering from Punjab Grill. Admit it, they serve the best hot-piping parathas, and they are too good to be denied. And with makhan and dahi, it's just cherry on the top.

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4. Prithvi Cafe

Prithvi Cafe surely serves the best pizza and hot chocolate, but their crowd-favorite is the Cheese Paratha. Oodles of cheese and dressing of Makhan, that's all you need! The platter is served with authentic dahi, some daal makhni, and pickle for a unique taste. Go order yourself a treat, and indulge in the magic of love.

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5. Oye Kiddan

Oye Kiddan serves delicious parathas, and they are quite famous for the variety they offer. We bet you will lick your fingers, it's that tasty!

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6. Bhagat Tarachand

Believe us, when we say we live for Bhagat Tarachand's Paranthe. They have been serving this goodness for ages now, and there's no compromise on quality. We love how the butter just melts in our mouth!

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7. Hotel Deluxe

Paratha, Makhan, and aachar! The best and the only combo we need in life right now. Known for the best Malabar Parathas in Mumbai, this place is too good to be missed. So, the next time you crave some food bites, you know from where to order.

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8. Lassi De Paranothe

You are going to love the famous aloo paratha from Lassi De Paranothe. No kidding. Nothing more we enjoy than a plate full of parathas with butter, lassi, and some chole to go with it.

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9. Only Paranthas

If you are looking for Paranthas that melt in your mouth and leave your sense tingling to another universe, then check out the Only Paranthas. They are warm, soft, and a perfect balance between crispy and chewy. Get ready for that ultimate foodgasm!

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10. Parathawala

The name says it all! Do you prefer love in your tummy more than love in your heart? Yes? Then Parathawala is your go-to place. But let us warn you, they might steal your heart too!

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From where are you ordering your Parathas In Mumbai?

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