Do you know about the Delhi Metro Mascot, Maitree? Read on to know more.

Dill walon ki Dilli is home to a lot of things. From history, monuments to food, art, and culture, there’s everything stored in here. And there are two things Delhites love the most, Momos and the Metro Train. Let us tell you some unknown facts about the Delhi Metro Mascot, Maitree, that we recently discovered.

If you have ever traveled in Delhi Metro, then you know about the Mascot we are talking about. Yes, the schoolgirl in her royal blue uniform with a red belt and a matching beret. But do you know the story behind it?

Delhi’s Metro Mascot, Maitree is named after a girl who was born in the Delhi Metro in 2012. The mascot greeting passengers is placed at every Metro Station in Delhi.

Recently a Twitter user revealed the story behind it.

Maitree’s mother, Juli Devi was traveling from Faridabad to Safdarjung hospital via Delhi Metro with her husband, Ranjeet, the younger daughter, Saraswati, and brother-in-law, Sanjeet. It was then that she got her labor pain in the Metro. Along with the help of two women, Juli Devi gave birth to Maitree in the last coach of the metro.

Post this, the Metro Staff helped arrange an ambulance for them to go to the hospital. The twitter thread shared an interesting piece of information regarding the girl’s name. Maitree – ‘which means friendship – was the name chosen by her parents as it is phonetically similar to the word metro’.

“Our baby was born in a Metro train and we were told that she is the first child in the country to be born in a Metro coach. We are also indebted to Metro officials for the help extended by them. So we have decided to name her Maitree. We thought it would be a small gesture on our part”, said Sanjeet Kumar, the uncle of the newborn.

Delhi Metro Mascot Maitree

Owing to the current situation, Maitree is now spotted wearing masks and gloves, thereby spreading awareness and information regarding Covid-19.

Did you know about all this?

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