Celebrate International Cat Day with these accessories perfect for every cat personality.

Cats might not be as popular as dogs, but if you have one, you know they can be equally loving, playful, and entertaining. From knocking things off the counter, scratching your furniture, to purring on your lap, cats have a way into our hearts and our food cabinet. This International Cat Day, let’s celebrate our cat’s unique personality. Here are some accessories you can get for your kitty cat, which would suit them the best.

1. For the Chill cat

International Cat Day

If your feline prefers to spend their day snoozing, then there is no better gift than a cozy cat bed. Check out the Trixie Luna Cuddly Cave Cat Bed. With a cave-like shape, we are sure your cat will easily fall in love with it.
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2. For the climber cat

International Cat Day

If you got a cat who loves to jump on tables, counters, and top shelf of your kitchen cabinet, then you got to give them a cat tower to burn off that wild energy. Check out this Capachinu Cat Tree Scratcher Condo House. With five levels and fixed with a bunch of playing space, you’re adventurous cat will be busy exploring it.
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3. For the playful cat

If your cat plays fetch better than a dog, you need to reward them with the perfect toy. This Running Mouse toy is perfect to keep your little feline busy. They will be busy chasing it and you can be busy making funny videos of them.
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4. For the fancy cat

Does your cat look like they came straight from a Disney film? These round-eyed beauties sure don’t need anything, but some accessories can surely add some extra charm. Check out this Colour Chaser Detachable Cat Bow Tie. No better way to celebrate International Cat Day than by dressing up your cat.
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5. For the adventurous cat

Is your cat a fan of the outdoors? But taking them out on a leash can be scary and during monsoon, it’s a big no. Check out this Astronaut Pet Cat Carrier with a porthole window for your cat to enjoy the outdoors.
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