Looking for Anklets in Delhi? Check out the steal-deals from these Homegrown jewellery brands in Delhi!

I have enough jewellery- said no girl ever! Jewellery is that accessory that instantly brightens a dull look, and adds glam to your outfit. Anklet is one of the less appreciative pieces of ornaments, but add one to your outfit and it goes with anything. So, owing to the love for anklets, we have curated a list of Home-grown jewellery brands in Delhi.

1. Silverline Jewellery

The name says it all! Silverline offers jewellery no girl can deny. From accessories for parties to jewellery for formal occasions, they have it all. Talking about accessories, we are loving their silver anklets that fit every occasion. Simple, classy, and excellent craftsmanship, what more do we need? Nothing.

Shop From: Silverline Jewellery

2. Shaya

There’s always room for more jewellery! wink We know. And with Shaya’s collection, one cannot afford to miss it. They present a collection of anklets you’ve probably never seen before, making Shaya a crowd-favorite brand. We won’t say more, check their page and you’ll know what we mean.

Shop From: Shaya

3. Azilaa

It won’t be wrong to say that Azilaa is a perfect place to shop anklets. Want to know why? We’ll tell you. Azilaa offers its customers with hand-made accessories, antique pieces, and unique designs. From a simple bird-type anklet to a royal hand-made silver anklet, the feeling of wanting to buy everything will fuel up.

Shop From: Azilaa

4. Tjori

‘Beauty is who you are! Anklets are simply the icing on the cake’. Tjori goes by this motto literally. Pair these simplest yet elegant looking anklets with your sarees or your dresses and glam-up your look. We are loving how these anklets are so chic and comfortable, making it easy to wear.

Shop From: Tjori

5. Dulhaniyaa

Bride-to-be’s, we know planning wedding clothes, jewellery is no easy job, and so we are here to help you out. Check-out Dulhaniyaa’s website for some out-standing collection of anklets. Be it flower anklets, traditional ones, or silver anklets, they have it all. Do we love it? Yes, we do.

Shop From: Dulhaniyaa

6. Arte Jewels

These little hand-crafted silver jewelry are accessories of glam. Give your traditional look a royal vibe with Arte Jewels anklets. What’s more? They are light-weight, comfortable, and give a classic look. Girls, it’s a steal-deal.

Shop From: Arte Jewels

Do you know any more shop that sell Anklets in Delhi? Then, do let us know in the comments below.

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