Age is just a number! Check out the story of 100-year-old Padmam, who is breaking all stereotypes.

At 100, when one usually is sick and tired, we have Padmavati(Padmam), who is breaking all stereotypes. Age is just a number, and this great-grandma is proving it all right. Keep reading to find out how this 100-year-old Padmam is inspiring hundreds of people to be active and productive at all times.

“Stay busy and do not interfere in other’s lives,” is the mantra that this 100-year old, Padmavati is living by, and we couldn’t agree more. She is a passionate designer and a successful businesswoman who designs and paints sarees. She hand-paints sarees that are loved by our millennial. Her each saree has strokes of perfection and speaks of the hard work that goes into making the beautiful saree.

Padmam’s routine starts with tea, breakfast, and newspaper. She makes sure to be on her work-desk by 10-10:30 in the morning. And after that, you’ll find her busy with her paints, brushes, and sarees.

Designing a saree is not only a time-consuming process but is also painstaking. Not letting age be a barrier in her profession, Padmam is a living inspiration for many. She is very particular about her work and ensures that the designs are hand-glazed with meticulous care. One may also spot a unique variety in her collection.

It takes Padmam about a month to complete work on a saree. Apart from sarees, she also paints table cloths and does cross-stitch at times. She charges about Rs 11,000 for one saree, which is inclusive of the saree cost and Rs 3000 for a dupatta.


Padmam has five children — Captain Ramachandran Nayar, Captain (Late) Krishnakumar Nayar, Lata Parvathy, Usha Lekshmi, and Jaigopal, seven grandkids, and four great-grandchildren. 

Born in Thrissur’s Wadakancherry, the centenarian nurtured her love for art since forever. She would sew clothes for the children, which included everything from dresses for the girls to kurta-pyjamas for the boys.

It was in the mid-’60s when she turned her passion into profession. In the beginning, she painted very little, but her daughter, who is a designer was instrumental in pushing her to take this up, and later she also found encouragement in her daughter-in-law.

Her evenings are reserved for her family. She’ll spend a little time watching television, talking to her kids, and grand-kids. Even at 100, she is well connected on social media platforms and likes to keep her self updated with the new trends. Isn’t she just the coolest grand-ma?

Padmavati Nayar has taught her children to be self-dependent. Her message to all women is that age doesn’t matter when you want to do something on your own: “Stay busy, find something that you love doing, and try not to interfere in the lives of others.”

If you want to reach out to this amazing 100-year-old Padmam or have something to say, you can contact her daughter, Lata at

Story Source: The Better India

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